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Tantric Therapy

The services with Massage and Tantric Therapy will be given in Leiria, Portugal, in the Zen Space, located in Praceta da República 5 Rc A 2415-462

We also teach courses in Sexuality and Tantric Massage


Stage 1: Sensitive Massage


Take focus from genitals; the body is the source of pleasure

In the first phase of the Tantric Massage we discover that our whole body is orgasmic, capable of generating intense waves of pleasure. The Sensitive Massage provides the awakening of bioelectricity, chaining diverse muscle groups in the reflex-neurological reaction of pleasure and orgasm.
total ecstasy tantric massage

Stage 2: Total Ecstasy Massage

Associate the pleasure of the genitals with the rest of the body
After discovering and developing the orgasmic potential of the whole body, these waves of pleasure are associated with the orgastic capacity of the genitals. In this way, the person’s sexuality is transformed, finding new references, creating new synapses in relation to pleasure.


Stage 3: Yoni & Lingam Massage

Neuro-muscular development of the genitals

Having established the connection of the genitals to the rest of the body, we began to develop the ability of the genitals to produce and sustain bioenergy. We then do intense muscle toning work in this region, promoting the experience of multiple orgasms under a new proprioceptive perspective. Yoni Massage / Lingam Massage


Stage 4: G-Spot & P-Spot Massage

Hyper-orgasm and Supra-consciousness

In the last phase of the method the body of the interactor is in the ideal conditions to reach higher states of perception. The stimuli made find the biological support necessary for the manifestation of Hyper-Orgasm, providing a condition of transcendence and expansion of consciousness.


In all phases:

Tantric Therapy

Active Meditations – Movement, Sound and Breathing

In each session the therapist can intuitively feel the need to conduct some body technique out of infinite variations linked to Tantra, guiding the energy to open the channels of sensory perception, also relieving anxieties and mental concerns.
Face-to-face courses

It is important to say that the experience experienced in this course goes beyond all theoretical and practical content. You will come into contact with a new reference in dealing with human sexuality, naturally and spontaneously, without judgments. Going through this experience is a great learning that modifies many paradigms, making life lighter and more joyful.

Our Place: Praceta da República 5 Rc A 2415-462 Leiria, Portugal.

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