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How to keep the relationship alive during the pandemic?

relacionamento vivo

Is your relationship strong enough to survive the daily coexistence caused by the pandemic? In this text, we have separated very simple but very effective tips to keep your relationship alive and happy. Shall we transform our relationship for the better? Check the text. Whether during a quarantine like the one we live in now, or during any difficult time, relationships must be nourished in order to remain strong. After all, when a person matters to you, he doesn’t matter less in the face of difficulty, does he?

Thinking about it, we separated 5 tips to help you:

1 – Emotional balance

Yes, you must allow yourself to live the emotions you are feeling right now, such as anxiety and worry. But, seek balance when it comes to your partner. It is not his fault the moment we live in worldwide. Talk openly about the emotions that are being quarantined.


2 – Personal care

We are at home and there is no need to wear uncomfortable clothes and makeup. But, maintaining care for your body is very important for your relationship. Hydrate your skin, keep your nails and care. Show attention and affection with your body, to show attention and affection with your partner’s body. It goes for both genders, huh 🙂

3 – Dating at home


What do you like to do? Watching movies, taking care of plants, cooking? Make these moments of mindfulness in the relationship. It is worth putting a song to accompany, remembering fond memories of the beginning of the living relationship, whatever it takes to make the moment more special.


4 – Sexuality

How many times has sex been left out to go shopping, visit family, or other appointments? Well, now the weekends are at home! How about learning new techniques to improve intimacy? Here is a free super workshop for you to attend two and learn how to take the couple’s sex life to another level in a simple way.


5 – Surprise

Your partner is not expecting a surprise right now. After all, even going to the supermarket is more work. How about taking the opportunity to surprise? Put your gifts into action. You certainly know how to do something that your partner will value too much. Every moment of crisis can be used as a lever for a new reality, with more learning and that will open the door to an extraordinary future. How about starting this change at home, within your relationship?


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