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Soul Mate: Are you in the right relationship?

What are soul mates?

Twin Souls: Twin souls are sister souls. Like two biological twin brothers. But in the case of the soul, the thing is somewhat deeper, since we can not see someone’s soul so easily is not it?
According to Plato, our consciousness is divided into three planes: physical (soma), psychic (psyche) and mood or soul (nous). The word soul has its origin in “lat [im] anĭma, and means” breath, air; encouragement, the principle of life; the soul, as opposed to the body. “The physical plane is the plane of the biological body, the most primitive, instinctive, and gross sexual attraction. The psychic plane refers to our affinities and tastes, like a song, a book, a movie, a hobby. The soul plan is related to our essence, our mission as a spiritual being.

When two beings unite on the physical, psychic, and spiritual planes, we then say that they are soul mates. For they have been connected in essence, in the beginning of life, in the spirit, in what makes us breathe.

This designation goes back to Plato. In “The Banquet”, Plato describes the Greek myth of Androgyne. In an original time there were three sexes: man, woman and their joining.

The latter would be like spheres, with four arms, four legs, two faces, two trunks … and one soul. When they thought themselves superior because they were such a harmonious whole, men challenged the gods. Soon the gods punished them, dividing them in half. And since then, we all have been looking for the person who, at the beginning of time, was the other half of us.

Soul mates in the Kabbalah

The Zohar, the main book of Kabbalah, teaches that before descending into this world, the soul has at the same time two complementary aspects – one male and one female.
When the soul reincarnates, the masculine aspect commonly comes in a male body and the feminine comes in a female body (but we know that this can happen differently, which explains homosexual couples).These two halves of the same soul are the soul mates.
Finding and marrying the soul mate, according to Kabbalah, provides the greatest plenitude that can be felt in this life.

What is the soul mate for?

All souls are aimed at spiritual evolution, and loving relationships are a fundamental part of this evolution, providing us with some of the most important lessons we need to learn.

But the real goal of joining with the soul mate is not simply to experience pleasure.
Together, soul mates can reach the ultimate goal of the soul in this world – the total connection to the Light of the Creator through spiritual transformation.

“When a couple of soul mates will unite in this bond of body and soul, they will begin to blend their soul energies.

Practicing sacred sex will allow you to experience the static joy of returning to Oneness as a physical experience.

This union and blending of body and soul energies will create a spiral vortex or path to the realm of Spirit and Source. This energy will then be drained from the Upper Planes to activate and energize the souls and bodies of the two partners.

In the ancient world, rituals of sacred marriage and sacred sex were practiced by priests and priestesses to ensure the flow of Divine Grace to the community by keeping the balance of the microcosm in perfect order.

In the New Earth, all couples united by the soul will have the opportunity to enter into “sacred marriages” where they will learn to unite their energies and bring the flow of Divine Grace to the Planet. ”

Archangel Michael, channeled by Celia Fenn.


How to find a soul mate?

To find someone in tune with our divine essence, we must be aware of our soul and our essence. The deep discovery of yourself takes you ever closer to those who resonate in tune with you.

When we are in a true search, of an authentic purpose, naturally along the way, we find like souls. Without pushing. Within this context it is much easier to find someone who is really special.

Soul Mates and Relationships

Painful experiences, disappointments, mismatches in lovemaking are common throughout life. Often these experiences block us and create beliefs that keep us away from our most compatible soul mate. But they are part of our inner quest and should be viewed as learning.

Sometimes the mere fact that we are in disillusionment with our personal mission blocks encounters and takes us off our natural course as spiritual beings.

There are many ways to break these barriers and make it easier for a soul mate to meet. There are many therapies, meditations, and methods that try to aid us in this incessant quest that most of us have at heart.

The Thetahealing, for example, seeks the root of this limiting belief that blocks the soul mate’s arrival. When these beliefs and blockages come to light, we can make the decision to change and move in the direction the heart points.

But is it worth spending your life behind your soul mate?

The great love of soul resists through many existences. But the incessant search for this encounter is not healthy. It is good to remember that, ultimately, we are ALL potential soul mates.

We all come from Oneness, from the same Creator. The Great Spirit is abundant, and will offer us several suitable “soul mates.” It is enough to wish to enter into a Holy Union or partnership as a way of expressing our inner Divinity.

The intense need to “find” a particular soul does not mean that only this soul is available.
We are allowed to choose the soul that resonates with our heart.
Can the person who is with you be your soul mate?

We often build whole lives based on a relationship, but we are not convinced that that relationship is healthy for our spiritual evolution. It is possible that yes, it is possible that not. After all, this is not accurate math.

When it comes to relationships, it is possible that we are with someone who is not our most compatible soul mate, but who on many levels is attuned to us.

But is it possible to develop a relationship to the point of turning it into an alchemical, tuned and connected relationship?

Tantra says yes!

“In the East we have developed a science: if you can not find a soul mate, create one. And this science is Tantra. Finding a soul mate means finding the person with whom your seven chakras meet naturally. This is impossible. From time to time, a Krishna and a Radha, a Shiva and a Shakti. And when that happens it’s tremendously beautiful. But it’s like lightning – you can not depend on it. Tantra is the science of turning ordinary lovers into soul mates. And that is the greatness of Tantra. It can transform the whole earth; can turn all couples into soul mates. “Osho.

There are tantric meditation techniques that bring the possibility of accepting the challenge to look at the truth of that relationship from the front. Whether we are ready to receive our soul mate or not. Of realizing if the other is really with you in search of this divine marriage or not.

Tantric techniques for deepening relationships

The couple meditation techniques, which we provide in this free ebook, even serve as a diagnosis of the level of connection and delivery of a relationship.

There is no need to fear if an incompatibility is evident. Be assured that the universe holds a much more compatible soul for you!

But if you feel that your relationship has potential and you want to go beyond what you have already achieved, perhaps our method can take you even further. To have a soul connection one must be open, vulnerable, delivered. In our practice of Tantra, Sacred Sex, Maithuna or whatever they want to call, we learn to give ourselves.

We learn to take off the masks and show our essence. When we reciprocated, we were able to unite the three planes of Plato’s man: Soma, Psyche, and Nous. Learn more about our complete method for couples, who wish to learn in practice about tantric sexuality.

“Tantra is a scientific approach. Tantra is alchemy; can transform their centers, can transform the centers of the other, can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. This is the beauty of Tantra. “Osho.

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  3. Maria de lourdes says:

    Como descobrir alma gemea

    • admin says:

      Bom dia, Maria!
      Você está em um relacionamento? Se sim, nós indicamos que você inicie esse processo de descobrir sua alma gêmea fazendo nosso workshop gratuito: https://tantrayogalab.com/curso/workshop-online-gratuito-sobre-tantra/ Lembre que a princípio somos todos almas gêmeas, pois viemos do mesmo criador. Mas existem almas mais compatíveis. Quando sentimos essa incompatibilidade, é possível “acertar os ponteiros” e manter uma relação mais saudável, com compaixão e amor pelo próximo usando técnicas simples.
      Se você ainda não encontrou uma pessoa, indicamos que assim que conhecer alguém que se mostre uma possibilidade, que você use as técnicas do curso gratuito para identificar, de cara, qual o grau de compatibilidade.

  4. Adriana Luisa da Silva says:

    Morei com uma pessoa a 20 anos , hoje nos separamos , conheci uma pessoa dez anos mais velha do que eu eu tenho trinta e oito estatus pessoa tem quarenta e oito. No início tava tudo muito bom , mas agora sempre está com problemas e dificultando nossa aproximação. Sempre mando mensagem ela visualizações e não respondeu e quando responde e só o básico. Então ontem mandei uma mensagem pra ele dizendo que ia tira lo da minha vida pois ele não estava sendo importando com nosso sentimento. Fiquei a noite toda pensando será que fiz a coisa certa. Gosto de mais dele .

    • admin says:

      Fortaleça-se Adriana. Busque atividades e ambientes que tem a ver com você. Cuide de si mesma. Nutra o amor próprio. Viaje, conheça pessoas novas e sintonizadas com você. Assim você se sentirá melhor e vai parar de colocar energia em quem não merece o seu carinho. Não há nada mais afrodisíaco do que uma mulher feliz e que se ama. 😉

  5. Cleuza Silva Bezerra says:

    Bom dia.Eu estou com um homem 15 anos mais novo faz oito anos eu não quero algo mais sério tipo marido porque eu acho diferença de idade ser muito grande nos se vimos três até quatro vezes por semana e oito anos e tudo e maravilhoso sabe uma sintonia incrível mais as vezes eu penso que a diferença de idade e grande sempre tentei saí mais nunca consigo ele vem atrás de mim eu amo e sei que ele me apesar que ele nunca disse te amo em palavras mais as atitudes dele sempre demonstra que me ama muito

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    Alma gêmea, parece uma palavra tão bonita, nunca antes acreditei que existiria alguém que fosse compativel comigo, em todos os sentidos, quando finalmente achei que tinha encontrado, na verdade era uma ilusão da minha mente, parecia tudo conectado mas ainda assim faltava algo. Ainda quero acreditar, por mais difícil que esteja sendo, sei que ele esta em algum lugar.

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