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Spiritual Slavery

What is spiritual slavery?

Spiritual Slavery: Have you ever felt a sense of being chained to a “spiritual” environment? Have you ever felt guilty simply for being yourself? The feeling that you have no more ideas of your own and that everything you live must pass through the sieve of someone’s approval? Have you ever felt like stepping on eggs, because any of your attitudes can be considered “sin”?

It is as if something blocks your inner light, does not let you shine, or manifest its essence and its purity.

Many people in a state of fragility end up seeking help in spiritual settings.

These environments have a very important social function, but you must be aware and alert not to end up in spiritual bondage.

My search for “masters”

Since I was 20 years old, I am going after teachers who can give me answers to my doubts
my internal dilemmas that I try to solve based on love and respect. For 12 years I have been looking for answers to my emotional instabilities, my unstable temperament, my financial gains, the complexity of the universe.
The first person I considered a master in my life taught me yoga. Yoga is an incredible body technique
which leaves us with impeccable physical health, but psychologically I still needed some adjustments.
Yoga is rigid, it is disciplined. You need to have consistency in practice. When such “wills” appear
you need to be strong enough to say “no”. In Yoga you should not smoke, drink or eat meat. Sex
can be done, but little. You must behave flawlessly.

When I first met Tantra I saw the possibility of dealing with imperfection. From simply being. To have a safe place to play all the frustrations (during active meditations) and to be a better person during interpersonal relationships. The master I discovered in this area had many imperfections. He was an authoritarian person, untimely and frightening, he did not look anything evolved except for the financial gain and did not practice the meditations he taught.

I searched for answers in ayahuasca environments and also dealt with ignorance, egocentrism … And when my belief in masters was already shaken, I saw masters who had already been recommended by loved ones to be denounced for bizarre crimes of rape and abuses.

Do the masters have an immaculate conduct?

Suppressing wills can be very dangerous. But this master does not tell you of such wills.
He shows himself to be a perfect and enlightened being and you do the impossible to follow his example.
After a long time following my yoga master I discovered his faults: his 10 marriages, his 3 abandoned children, and many others …
Her health in old age also did not look like the best. Did I really want to follow this example of a person?
There were other masters whose reputation was never immaculate. Masters who forced their students to extremes, seriously hurting them, masters who abused the blind faith of some followers, engaging in sexually, masters who let their selves inflate in front of people who needed shelter.

More evolved beings, according to whom?

All this evidence has put me in a state of alertness with those people who considered themselves above humanity, who consider themselves enlightened beings. Each person I listen to, absorbed in a belief, an idea or speaks of a master who sets us rules, who imposes us conduct, I stand behind. I have come to realize that we are all human. We all make mistakes and nobody better than the mistakes to teach us.
Masters can be useful at certain times in our lives, but only ourselves can create our truth, our values ​​… When a “master” tells you that some attitude is wrong, that if you want to be free, prosperous and pure you must follow the path, it is creating a dependency. He wants to enslave you. He tells you that only with his help can you save yourself.

We can see the number of evangelical churches throughout Brazil. People blindly trust that the pastor speaks in the name of God. They begin to think that salvation is in the church, they donate what they can and can not do in the name of God and the church. Sometimes this church has an important role in the recovery of a person, but from there it can and should walk by itself.

How to be master of yourself?

Have you tried to listen to your conscience today? Ever tried to listen to your own body, your feelings?
What if we could listen to ourselves before someone who is out of the problem and value our own position?
Spiritual bondage is more common than we think. Because it happens subliminally. It makes you believe in the other than in yourself.

Look further in and believe in you.


“Tantra trusts your body. Tantra relies on your senses. Tantra relies on your energy. Tantra trusts you – totally. Tantra does not deny anything, but it transforms everything.

Today, more than ever, we have access to information. We can find all kinds of course and information on the internet. We can improve ourselves, cut ourselves in the comfort of our home, our way, being free to gather the information we want and filter only what makes us good. We can, as never before, be masters of ourselves.

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