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6 passos para desbloquear a energia do seu casamento.

Hello, my name is Julio, I am a therapist and LAB Tantra Yoga coordinator.

The idea of ​​this article is to bring 6 best practices for those who want to unlock the potential for connection within a love relationship and awaken all latent energy potential in each partner.

In addition to good practices, a variety of video materials are available for those who want to improve their sexual and loving relationships in a more conscious, mature and spiritual way.

Feel free.

So come on!

The first essential practice in any relationship is …

1-Frank talk

Many couples are afraid of having a straight talk. However, avoiding frank talk is like not wiping dirt under the bed. Over time, dust accumulates and respiratory diseases begin.

It’s no use. Cleaning is required.

And a relationship a frank conversation is a time to clear stored content, emotions not yet expressed. A kind of emotional cleansing.

Do not be afraid. It is better for content to be released than accumulated. For the emotional health of all involved.

However, honest conversation need not mean violent conversation. For this, the principles of non-violent and assertive communication can be used.

The idea of ​​assertive communication is to expose your feelings and the facts that may have led you to feel specifically. But without trying to impersonate a culprit.

Phrases like “I felt disrespected at that dinner when that happened”, “I felt humiliated when you told me that”, “I felt abandoned that day when it happened”, “I feel disconnected when you do this…” may Help our partner understand what goes on inside people without having to blame.

The next figure shows a bit of what an assertive and nonviolent communication should look like.

2-Dating within a spiritual practice

Doing a daily activity together is great for strengthening a complicity and partnership, but doing a loving spiritual practice takes chemistry, attunement, intimacy, and the pleasure of the relationship to another level.

After all, sexuality is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. However, there is generally no sex education that leads to full sexuality.

If you think you have tried and know all about your sexuality, make no mistake: there is always something new that you do not know yet.

Sexual energy is our life energy. It is our creative energy. And the energy that creates a new life.

And from this it is possible to experience extraordinary vibrational states. States of transcendence never lived or imagined.

Sex and sexuality in general are not identified in the sacred way they deserve.

Therefore, my wife and I, who are specialists in human sexuality, have provided a sexuality enhancement and expansion web series based on the teachings of modern sexual therapy and techniques that involve tantric meditation and massage to be blocked by all. resources and skills. that exists in your body and in the body of your partner.

No need to believe it. Practice and then tell us.

Just click here, register your email and receive in your inbox, a series of free video lessons on tantra and sexuality for couples.

3-A new pact and loss

After frank conversation, we are often hurt, but it is important that we intend to move on and create a new pact from there that needs to be made clear about what is and is not acceptable within the relationship.

Ask forgiveness.

Forgive me.

There is nothing more healing than the ability to ask for forgiveness when we sincerely repent, and when we forgive someone who is wrong and who is sorry.

Forgiveness is not for the weak. Only the strong can lose. Forgiveness frees and heals.

However …

When an act of betrayal or something serious recurs periodically it is necessary to set a limit and give a last situation. Otherwise nothing will ever change.

It takes courage, because there are situations that can no longer be sustained. When one violates the deliberate and repetitive form one must put an end to it.

Have a straight talk and use the famous “go or crack”.

4-Activities together

A couple needs to share moments to create a sense of complicity. Many relationships are sustained in external projects like two, like kids, business … but time together without having to deal with these external issues is very important for a relationship.

Go for a walk, walk, go to the movies, go out to dinner, etc …

5-Give small daily gifts

Many men believe that great gifts and great moments are enough to nurture a relationship.

But no relationship survives indifference and withdrawal. It is like a plant that needs little affection every day, small watering, pruning, daily care.

A relationship will not survive if it goes through long periods of “affective drought.”

It’s no use taking care of a plant full of fertilizer and water only once a year.

So are ALL your relationships, whether with children, couples, parents …

A smile, a compliment, a snack, a kindness, a sincere “I love you”, doing a chore for one person.

Little care that can make all the difference when done consistently and honestly.

6-Make a 7 day deal with a special talk before bed.

Here is a practical exercise for anyone in a relationship. Especially for those who live a relationship of many years.

It is an agreement made between the couple to adjust and improve their relationship.

For seven days before bed, the couple meets and each spouse must answer the following questions:

What happened and what happened today?
Each should list the events during the day that strengthened the relationship that nurtured and showed a positive difference in the relationship.

What has done today been bad? That wasn’t cool for the relationship?
Each at this point should self-analyze and describe to another that they think it could be done better. Open to another, be vulnerable and say: Today I flinched when I didn’t support you. Today I could have stayed with the kids while you made dinner.

Today you can wake up this morning again, what is the different criterion? Here you can imagine what could have been done there or if you could start over. What would a perfect day look like for you? Imagine, son …


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