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Understanding the Red Tent

Red Tent

is the tent of the period of menstruation. Tents of the Old Testament, in which the tribes lived. Period in which women gather and in this sacred place. They meet to share their feminine secrets and reaffirm that power. For about four days a month, days of his blood, the sacred gathering takes place. Women connected with the phases of the moon, with their feelings, with nature. Women who walk together menstruate together.

It is said that this tradition is very old, from biblical times and even earlier. This custom was reported in Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent. This same book also became a series on Netflix.

In the book, Anita gives voice to biblical women. The bible, always told before from the masculine point of view, now has a passage reported from the feminine point of view. What makes everything much more interesting …

In the book and in the series The elder of the tribe in question, Jacob, destroys the tradition of women to meet in the red tent during the “lunation”, menstruation, where they perform their rituals. Important rituals for women’s empowerment that have been erased by the dogmas of monotheistic and patriarchal religions.

Blood has tremendous strength as a magical component.

In antiquity, women were feared during their menstrual period. The power of blood, and particularly the menstrual blood, is to blame for this fear.

Why do not we like to menstruate?

Have you ever wondered why our relationship with menstruation today is disgust, discomfort, pain? Why are some religions considered impure in this period? Why are we devalued precisely by our greatest gift?

They create perfumes to hide our smell, they teach us that it’s a delay, they create contraceptives that prevent this phase from happening …

None of this is by chance. This patriarchal and repressive culture began for some reason. That was fear.

Fear of the feminine, fear of the power that women have.

Menstruation has already been considered a symbol of power.

Priestesses of various people believed that mixing a drop of menstrual blood with a dose of wine would have everyone drink it in the next life.

In funerary rituals it was common to pass menstrual blood on the corpse, which meant “joining” the mother’s womb to the uterus of “mother earth”.

Even today, many people use menstrual blood in sacred rituals. Blood is also used through an ancestral practice.

Some women lower themselves and allow their blood to flow into the soil as a method to nourish the earth, passing vitamins, minerals and other benefits that fertilize the earth.

The Indies, use the blood to paint the body, during an indigenous ritual. They believe they can teach teachings to the whole tribe. Blood is also used to study the health and energy of the sacred female.


How to do the contemporary ritual?

To do this ritual, you need to collect your menstrual blood through collecting cups or through bioabsorbents.

The collectors are placed inside the vaginal canal. They are practical and efficient; It is important that this blood is diluted in water before it is offered to the earth.

The bioabsorbents are made of cotton, like the old cloths of our grandmothers; just let them soak for a few hours in the water, without any chemicals and use this water with the blood for the ritual (after collecting your blood you can wash it any way you prefer).

You can throw your blood in a garden, straight into the ground or into a plant vase in your apartment. You can even choose a specific plant that has a special meaning for you, such as rose bushes, sage, artemisia; remembering that this is the best biofertilizer there is! Your plants will thank you!


The idea is that you do all this in the form of a symbolic ritual.

Take time to observe everything that you have lived in this last cycle, from the beginning of the last menstruation – and give your blood to the Earth by letting go of everything you no longer need – fears, grudges, limiting patterns, memories of pain, abuse, violence, physical imbalances, stagnant emotions, negative ideas about his feminine … allowing Pachamama to transmute everything.

There are no rules on how to do it; activate your intuition, create your sacred space, enter into your silence and your deepest and most sincere intention; letting go of all that still imprisons you and does not allow you to be the most complete and pure version of yourself!

There is an online course that teaches some ancestral ritual practices. Take a look here:



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