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The Future of humanity depends on a New Sexuality

Tantric massage: what no one has told you.

10/11/2018 - Categoria: » Tantric sex

Tantric massage Do you want to know what a tantric massage is? Do you want to know all the benefits and how to perform a tantric massage on your partner today?  Do you want to learn to practice incredible tantric techniques with free video lessons? So follow the thread, that in this article you will […]

Tantric sex: how to do it and why to practice

26/04/2020 - Categoria: » Relationships

Tantric sex is the name given to the sexual act that uses the knowledge of tantra so that the relationship becomes deeper, with more meaning and the orgasms much more intense and lasting. For this, tantra uses techniques of sensory stimulation, meditation, vaginal and penile massage and penetration. We know that there are many myths […]

Want to become a holistic therapist? Discover the ancient technique that keeps growing

21/04/2020 - Categoria: » Relationships

Many people are looking for a job where they feel connected with their purpose, helping others to reach their highest potential. For this reason, in this text we will present an ancient Indian technique that grows more and more: tantric massage therapy. Meet tantra Tantra is a set of ancient Indian teachings that seeks the […]

Why take an online tantra course?

19/04/2020 - Categoria: » Tantric sex

Want to learn about tantra and don’t know if an online tantra course is right for you? We know that many have doubts about how it is the best way to learn tantra and that’s why we put this text together. After all, that the practice of tantric sex opens up a range of possibilities […]

How to keep the relationship alive during the pandemic?

- Categoria: » Relationships

Is your relationship strong enough to survive the daily coexistence caused by the pandemic? In this text, we have separated very simple but very effective tips to keep your relationship alive and happy. Shall we transform our relationship for the better? Check the text. Whether during a quarantine like the one we live in now, […]

The relationship in quarantine depends on you

- Categoria: » Relationships

In these times of forced social detachment and isolation, we have all seen some jokes circulating on social media about how difficult it is for couples to have a closer relationship and for long periods! Jokes aside, we know that there is a background of truth that deserves to be treated with more attention. In […]

5 myths about tantric sex: how tantra can change your sex life

- Categoria: » Relationships

Like other oriental wisdoms, Tantra and tantric sex have several myths here in the West. In this text we will approach 5 super common. 1 Tantric sex is tiring As we are culturally encouraged to have fast sex, the idea of ​​tantric sex that the act should / can take hours scares at first. The […]

4 Revelations About Female Ejaculation

17/04/2020 - Categoria: » Female world

Before I tell you very interesting facts about female ejaculation, I need to tell you that: yes, it is real! Many people look for content on the internet about the topic because they have never experienced or witnessed this type of orgasm. In fact, not all women naturally express this characteristic. But all can develop, […]

6 passos para desbloquear a energia do seu casamento.

12/11/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships

Hello, my name is Julio, I am a therapist and LAB Tantra Yoga coordinator. The idea of ​​this article is to bring 6 best practices for those who want to unlock the potential for connection within a love relationship and awaken all latent energy potential in each partner. In addition to good practices, a variety […]