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The Future of humanity depends on a New Sexuality

Tantric massage: what no one has told you.

10/11/2018 - Categoria: » Tantric sex

Tantric massage Do you want to know what a tantric massage is? Do you want to know all the benefits and how to perform a tantric massage on your partner today?  Do you want to learn to practice incredible tantric techniques with free video lessons? So follow the thread, that in this article you will […]

6 passos para desbloquear a energia do seu casamento.

12/11/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships

Hello, my name is Julio, I am a therapist and LAB Tantra Yoga coordinator. The idea of ​​this article is to bring 6 best practices for those who want to unlock the potential for connection within a love relationship and awaken all latent energy potential in each partner. In addition to good practices, a variety […]

What no one told you about how porn influences your life

24/10/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships

Who has never consumed a little porn video? Most men are urged all the time through pornographic, sexual stimuli. But does it bring you good results? How to evaluate the impact of this habit on your love life? After all, does pornography bring more benefit or harm? In this article we will try to answer […]

Where is my Libido? Why don’t I feel like having sex? Know what the possible causes are.

23/09/2019 - Categoria: Terapia

Low libido can be a big problem within the relationship. If there is a disharmony in your libido, for example, when one has more libido than the other, problems of varying degrees of importance arise. When one wants sex twice a day while the other is satisfied with once a month … What to do? […]

How to lose belly and not have constipation!

02/09/2019 - Categoria: » Yoga

Today, I have a super tip for those who want to lose a few extra pounds, lose belly and no longer suffer from constipation. Do you suffer from constipation when traveling, or feel that your gut does not work as well as you would like? Would you like to lose belly or have more defined […]

5 steps to take her to the heights

20/08/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships

Many men would like to have full, deep and special love relationships. Some would like to make beautiful in bed, be appreciated and give women the pleasure they deserve. Others would like to unravel the mysteries of sexuality and female orgasms. If you have these aspirations this article may give you new insights and insights […]

5 practices for creating more connection and taking the relationship to the next level.

13/07/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships

Would you like to develop intimacy, create new ways of connecting, and live a truer, more in tune, fuller and healthier relationship? I think everyone wants it, right? Every relationship is either in a move away or in an approach move. In some cases the withdrawal seems inevitable and with each passing day the relationship […]

Spiritual Orgasm

08/07/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships

Spiritual Orgasm: Is it possible to live spirituality through orgasmic practices? The Mystery of “Expanded Orgasm” An expanded orgasm is a more intense and more extensive orgasm than is commonly described as a common orgasm. Because it includes a spectrum of sensations that include full body orgasms such as those described by Wilhelm Reich. Orgasms […]

Tantric therapy: how to feel more pleasure, heal trauma and have a fuller life!

13/06/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships

How can tantric therapy dissolve trauma, redeem your freedom and your joy in life? Your inner child still cries inside Since childhood many of our instincts are repressed. Crying is repressed, wills are repressed. Our expression is suppressed. And all this did not happen for nothing. There was a reason, a need, which can basically […]