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How to lose belly and not have constipation!

02/09/2019 - Categoria: » Yoga | 0 Comentários

Today, I have a super tip for those who want to lose a few extra pounds, lose belly and no longer suffer from constipation. Do you suffer from constipation when traveling, or feel that your gut does not work as well as you would like? Would you like to lose belly or have more defined […]

Tantric Yoga

14/10/2018 - Categoria: » Yoga | 0 Comentários

  What is Tantric Yoga Our method of practicing Yoga assumes that the original Yoga was tantric. That means that 5000 years ago, these techniques were already used for physical, mental and spiritual health. The positions are made naturally and spontaneously. The body adapts naturally to positions and manages to find pleasure in them. So […]

Tantric yoga to channel sexual energy

05/03/2018 - Categoria: » Yoga | 0 Comentários

Every time the “Tantric” appears in something, it arouses the curiosity. This time, Side B experienced a yoga class, which, far from any appeal, proposes to increase vitality and channel sexual energy. In Carandá Bosque, in Campo Grande, classes take place in one of the rooms of the Tantra Yoga Lab and it is nothing […]