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Meet Gabriela and Julio

Gabriela Ostronoff is atantric therapist and rebirther formed by Centro Metamorfose in 2014, Yoga teacher formed by Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in 2013 and by Método De Rose in 2001. Trainer in Meditation Upanisha  Ananda Mandir (Atmanambi, India) in 2015, Doula formed hair Instituto Cais do Parto in 2016. She studied Visual Arts at the Centro Universitario Belas Artes in São Paulo. Since 2016, she uses special techniques of pompoarism, yoga and rebirth to promote greater quality of life for shes students and to promote altered states of consciousness. She has participated in various workshops on bioenergetics, body expression and meditation around the world.

Júlio Marques is a Tantric and Rebirth therapist formed by Metamorfose Center in 2013. Formed in Mechanical Engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in 2012. Trainer em Meditation Upanisha hair Ananda Mandir (Atmanambi, India) in 2015, Minister several groups of Tantra as Caminho do Amor, Delerium in group and individual courses and Tantric Massage courses in group. He is a specialist in active meditation and human sexuality in Metamorphose Center.

They are married, have two children, and since 2014, theye have taught courses about sexuality for both men and women, and therapeutic treatments and integrated breathing therapies at Tantra Yoga LAB, a space for retreats and therapeutic groups founded by them in 2015.