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How to lose belly and not have constipation!

perder barriga prisão de ventre

Today, I have a super tip for those who want to lose a few extra pounds, lose belly and no
longer suffer from constipation. Do you suffer from constipation when traveling, or feel that your gut does not work as well as you would like?

Would you like to lose belly or have more defined abdomen?

Here at TYL, we teach a variety of techniques to improve your overall health. We talk a lot about sexuality, but few know that our work goes beyond. This is because to have a healthy sexuality, you must have a healthy body and mind. So stay tuned for our tips to improve your health simply and naturally!

This technique is called Nauli Kriyá. It is a technique of cleaning the mucous membranes, massage the internal organs and also results in the reduction of the stomach, meaning we eat less.

Massaging the organs stimulates bowel function and improves constipation. With decreased stomach dilation, we eat less and lose weight. Also, the result of belly suction that we do during exercise helps in defining the muscles. Ideally, you should do the fasting technique in the morning as soon as you wake up. This is done by Yogis for millennia. You can also drink warm water with a little salt before doing the exercise.

Water will help cleanse the intestines and salt causes water not to be absorbed by the body but to be eliminated. Remember: The salt and water version is advanced! It takes experience and more advice. (Leave your comment if you want to know more) Just the movements of the exercise will make a big difference. Let’s practice step by

step: 1- Stand up, hands on thighs putting weight on arms and keeping back semi-flexed forward; 2- First suck the belly in and up, keeping for as long as you can without air.

3- Then sucking and then releasing the belly several times for as long as possible without air.

4- Then actually begins the training of Nauli Kriya, isolating the rectus abdominis and then learning to make the wave movement.

Tip: To be able to isolate the abdominal muscles, make the belly suction as in step 2, cover the nose and do as if to breathe. You will feel the muscles isolating.

Tip 2: To make the movement undulate, move your hip slightly from side to side, supporting the weight of the torso now in your left hand, sometimes in your right hand.

The exercise is very easy and I will quickly teach you how to do it in this video below.

Common sense should be used regarding the duration of the exercise. I recommend starting with up to 50 moves, targeting 108 (stopping to breathe whenever I need to).

Hope you like it!

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