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Tantric Moviment

The Tantric Movement is a synthesis between movement and breathing, a journey of re-connection with the body, with the feelings that reside in it and a possibility of a renewal through acceptance and spontaneous movements. We will learn to risk, to leave the comfort zone, to throw ourselves into the experience and let it transform us.

The essence of freedom lies in the fact that we can change the way we feel, think, and view our world so that we can act more broadly and effectively.

This is a job with remarkable results and worth trying. A gateway to the path of Tantra, the Tantric Movement is able to utilize precise techniques of natural and spontaneous improvement, characteristic of Tantra.

We are now working online, where our students can begin their learning in Tantra in a reserved way, becoming familiar with the techniques and understanding how to enter the processes of meditation.

If you are interested, you can sign up for our free online course to understand some of our method.

The free online tantra workshop is designed for people who:

1-Desire to start in tantric techniques

2-Desire to develop sensorially to reach higher and expanded organic levels

3-Desire to create more loving, true and deep bonds in their relationships

4-Desire to bring a meditative quality to the use of sexual and vital energy

5-Desire to prepare for more advanced techniques related to sexuality, such as tantric massage techniques

6-Desire to awaken and experience a sexuality that involves the whole body through the use of the bodily senses

7-Desire to understand what the main vices and blockages that most people carry in their sexuality

8-They want to know better how the orgastic mechanisms work both in the body of the man and in the body of the woman

9-Desire to participate in a learning community, with real people, focused on tantric sexuality

10-Men who suffer from sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation and difficulty of erection

11-Women who suffer from lack of orgasms and would like to improve intimacy and connection with their partners

It is a new look at human sexuality. A meditative, expansive, sensorial and profound look. A way to combine sexuality with self-knowledge and integrate sexuality, meditation and relationship.

“In the East we have developed a science: if you can not find a soul mate, create one. And this science is Tantra. Tantra is the science of turning ordinary lovers into soul mates. And that is the greatness of Tantra. It can transform the whole earth; can turn all couples into soul mates. “Osho.

A new sexuality awaits you!


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