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Want to become a holistic therapist? Discover the ancient technique that keeps growing

massagem tântrica

Many people are looking for a job where they feel connected with their purpose, helping others to reach their highest potential. For this reason, in this text we will present an ancient Indian technique that grows more and more: tantric massage therapy.

Meet tantra

Tantra is a set of ancient Indian teachings that seeks the spiritual, physical and emotional development of human beings through their body expression. Thus, in tantra the expression of sexuality goes far beyond what we know in the West, encompassing meditation techniques, non-verbal communication and personal development.

Be a Tantric Therapist

In addition to providing excellent financial performance, tantric massage therapy provides a high level of professional satisfaction to therapists. That’s because as a tantric massage therapist you will help your clients to unlock long-standing stagnant energies, trauma, fears and rediscover their bodies. Another positive point of this technique for therapists is that more and more people are looking for tantric therapists, but in Brazil this is a difficult professional to find. Within the course You also learn how to work online.

What does a tantric massage therapist do?

A tantric massage therapist, that is, a tantric therapist, performs massage techniques and touches that awaken therapeutic effects to your client that go beyond simple pleasure. Pleasure is part of the context, because when we talk about tantra, we also talk about the body’s freedom to feel and react to stimuli, but in tantra pleasure is worked in a way connected with other issues (emotional and spiritual) of the human being. But, it is important to emphasize that this is not a sexual relationship between therapist and client. The therapist is not naked and there are rules of bioethics that guarantee the safety of both.

I’m afraid to act in this area and be misunderstood

Don’t worry, a well qualified professional in the field has all the ethical knowledge necessary to develop. You will learn to publicize your work and exercise your function without violating any code of conduct and responsibility. You will also learn how to teach courses, meditations and have the option of working over the internet.

How do I become a tantric massage therapist?

Training in tantric massage therapy usually takes place in large centers or even outside Brazil. But, the good news is that today there is a possibility to study with renowned professionals in your home. Thus, you save time, money and without losing the quality of teaching.

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