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The 5 male sexual myths


A few days ago we published an article on female sexual beliefs. Usually these beliefs are ideas we have about our sexuality, about what is normal, or what is not. As we are compared to the average people …

Anyway. There are women’s beliefs that lead many women to feel guilty, frustrated, and even depressed. The same is true for some men who, because of a popular belief-oriented sexual education, end up overcharging and being sexually frustrated.

Women often have beliefs that drive them to repress or blame themselves for their own pleasure . Men have beliefs that focus on high sexual performance and virility. They are exaggeratedly focused on the penis itself and its erective ability.

So if you are a man read carefully and do a self-analysis whether or not you are overcharging yourself. And if you are a woman, notice if you are not reinforcing with your behavior some of the beliefs that we are going to list here in this article. Let’s list the top 5 male sexual beliefs or myths:

Myth 1 # – Men should not express certain feelings

Many men fail to exploit their full orgastic potential by repressing the expression of their feelings. It is even possible for men to have dry orgasms and even multiple orgasms. But most do not allow themselves to “feel” their own orgasm. You are not allowed to verbally express your pleasure.

They do not allow themselves, as many women do, to surrender to their own emotions, to cry, to laugh, to shout. All this has been repressed since childhood. It is synonymous with weakness and little virility in the masculine world. Because of this we live in a society where many men are still immature emotionally.

They do not understand what they feel, why they feel, or where their feelings come from. Because they have never been encouraged to live their own emotions. Men who learn to express themselves become healthier, less neurotic, happier and clearer, more orgasmic.

Myth 2 # – Sex equals penetration

Unfortunately it is because of this belief that most women experience a sizeless frustration in their sexual lives. The man with his excessive focus on the penis, erection and penetration ceases to experience sexuality in an expanded way. Stop exploring all other possibilities for pleasure and loving fulfillment.

Contrary to what men imagine, women seek connection, intimacy, communication, attunement. And that comes long before penetration. This can be explored with more care and dedication. And this lack of care and dedication can cost men’s hearts dearly.

Because by thinking only with his head underneath he ceases to live what is most beautiful and most sacred in his love and sexual relations.

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Myth 3 # – Good sex is a linear progression that necessarily ends in ejaculation.

Not every sexual relationship needs to follow a pre-defined order and, eventually, ejaculation. She does not even need to finish. There is no law that says, “Now that I’m aroused I need to ejaculate and then the work will be completed.”

Anxiety-related need for ejaculation is another factor that drives most women to frustration. Because if the woman has an orgasm, in general, the relationship does not have to end, but if the man ejaculates, what usually happens is the end of the relationship.

This is why the traditional male orgasm can be resinified. After all, it is not necessary for a man to ejaculate to have an orgasm. If it is possible that he has dry and multiple orgasms, why limit himself and force himself to ejaculation? Understand. We are not here saying that ejaculation is a bad thing.

Only it does not have to be the center of masculine aspirations, nor does it necessarily have to happen. Test play with your sexual relations. Do not be so rigid. Try one day to ejaculate, another not to … There are so many possibilities and none of them will make you less of a man by experiencing it.

Myth # 4 – Man wants and is always ready for sex

There are those who will be reading this and bragging: “But with me it is like this. For me every hour is time.” OK Alright. It is okay to have a high libido and an active sexual drive. The whole point is the hypervaluation of this virility.

A man who believes in this, but at a certain moment is not there with much desire to have sex, will end up having sex. It will force itself to “handle the message.” But what if it fails? What a frustration! But that does not have to be this way. There is no need to be so strict with yourself.

Man can also deny sex and will not be less man for that. It is not healthy neither for men nor for women to force themselves to sex. It is not healthy to demand of yourself a constant virility and that you never lower your guard. We all have our ups and downs and are not always “ready for sex.”

Myth 5 # – In sex as in other situations what really counts is the performance

Many men view sex as a sport with a goal to be achieved. But sex, like life, should be light, happy, happy. Even the majority of sexual dysfunctions in men derive from an exaggerated charge in relation to one’s own performance.

Healthy sex is not necessarily the one that the woman had 5 orgasms and ready. Orgasms are welcome, of course. But more important than them is the intention that exists behind the relationship.If it is a true, honest intention, delivery of connection …

If there is the provision of delivery, of creating true ties, if there is real connection. A sexual relationship involves emotional and karmic plots that go far beyond simple glow pleasure. Many successful marriages do not rely on hot, passionate lovemaking.

Most successful relationships have a deep friendship, intimacy, compassion, empathy. In addition, orgasms are even more enjoyable when all of these ingredients are united.

To finish…

The roles we put ourselves in in our relationships, the masks behind what we truly feel … All this leaves us in uncomfortable situations, worried and tense with what the other will find of me.

Get rid of these male sexual myths saboteurs of joy and sexual happiness. The world has evolved and we men need to evolve together so we do not suffer too much.



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