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5 sexual beliefs that may be boycotting you.

Sexual beliefs are unconscious statements we make about sex to ourselves that direct our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. For example: the belief that a woman to be happy in bed needs to let go, express herself and get out of control, does with which she values ​​these characteristics, but it can also lead her to get too caught up in this belief and to imbibe her sexuality.

And this, as a consequence, can generate frustration, anxiety, sense of inadequacy and directly affects the way it explores. lives their own sexuality and whether or not they are happy in bed. Some of these sexual beliefs can limit our experiences and put us in a situation of suffering when they are not fulfilled.

Many of them put too much weight on certain behaviors or results and can frustrate us sexually. So this article aims to outline the top 5 common beliefs in the female world and that do not need to be taken that seriously.

Belief # 1 – “Normal women have orgasms whenever they make love”

This is one of the sexual beliefs that happens in both the feminine and the masculine worlds, for men, too, are attached to ejaculation. They think that for a relationship to be normal, the man must ejaculate. But returning to women: Orgasm is only the consequence of something that, at first, is much more important: a true, intimate, deep
conjugal relationship.

Have a relationship that represents the union of two souls who wish to evolve together. If you had an orgasm, cool. But if it did not it could also be cool. So many things can be appreciated in a loving relationship. Staying at a point like orgasm in a pre-established outcome can bring unnecessary weight to a relationship
that could have wonderful potentials.

In our therapeutic appointments, it is incredible how many women have become detached from the need to have an orgasm and that they began to seek simply to know themselves better, to accept their own bodies and to live their sexuality with presence and truth, suddenly began to have more orgasmic relations. Without effort. In a light and harmonic way.

Belief # 2 – “Vaginal orgasms are more feminine and mature than clitoris”

oown… the clitoris … so cute …

This began with the psychoanalysis in which Freud set up a theory that gave support to this sexual belief. But a few years later it was discovered that vaginal orgasms have a very intimate relationship with clitoral orgasms because they were related to innervations that were part of the neural network of the clitoris.

Even Freud assumed that he had incomplete knowledge of human biology. In the end, the vaginal orgasm became, by many specialists, considered a kind of clitoral orgasm. This belief came to be seen as absurd and resulting from a macho culture and did not recognize the masturbatory clitoral female orgasm as legitimate.

Of course, many women want to experience orgasmic experiences in tune with their partners and would like to
enjoy it during penetration. All this is possible, as long as the woman seeks to know herself better, to explore her sexuality more and to know how the main muscles and points related to the vaginal orgasm works.

To learn techniques of pompoarismo, to make the touch, to masturbate in varied ways … All this can facilitate self-knowledge and encourage that, at the moment of penetration, you can stimulate that point or that region within
your vagina that leads to an orgasm

Belief # 3- “Women who do not like exotic forms of sex are frigid”

Everyone knows that friend who boasts of having sex in the elevator, of having experienced exotic experiences. Tells the episode with the most naturalness leaves us with the flea behind our ear in relation to our own sexuality.

Are you one of those who never fucked in the elevator? It’s all right. It is important to understand that we are unique and that this is not an indicator whether or not you are sexually normal. Are you the person who has sex in the elevator? All right, too.

Diversity is what makes us richer. There are so many things more important in life than taking pleasure in taking chances, taking pleasure in doing something exotic. Each person has their own life and feels pleasure in a different way. End.

Belief # 4- “Women who do not achieve easy or fast orgasm have problems”

Most complaints related to female sexuality have to do with the difficulty of women in reaching orgasm with their partners. But the point is that the man has the ability to reach orgasm very quickly. Usually this represents half a woman’s time. So the most common thing in relationships is a man ejaculating before the woman gets there.

Is that a problem? For many people, yes. Is it the woman’s fault? No. What is the solution to these cases? Try to make your partner aware of your own needs. Orient it “how to” so that the relationship is balanced and the two can enjoy together. But please do not feel guilty about not reaching orgasm in a practical, quick and easy way.


Would you like your partner to last longer in bed? Do you want to live with him a hyper orgasmic sexuality? Then know how Tantra can help you.

Belief # 5-Women are frigid if they do not have sexual fantasies and debauchery if they have them

If I stimulate myself with erotic situations, I have sexual fanatasias and gemo in bed, I am debauched. But if I do not have them I’m frigid. Who has not already been charged in this way? Notice how the woman has no way out here. Either she is frigid or destitute.

It is sad how many women still carry so much guilt and repression when it comes to sexuality. There is a video that we did that shows well these two polarities and how they infuence our sex life.

Either the woman is the bitch or the caste. We put unnecessary obligations and that often lead us to frustration, anxiety and even depression.

Sexual beliefs, in general, are limiting and unfavorable to a healthy sexuality

In conclusion, there are no strict, pre-defined rules for healthy sexuality. A healthy sexuality is a sexuality free of goals, performance and results. A healthy sexuality is one that is in tune with our independent self if it is exotic, orgasmic, hyperorganic, penetrative, without penetration …

But you feel obliged to live a sexuality that is not in tune with what you feel inside? Do you still live and do not know how to discard these “sexual beliefs”?

Look for a professional to support you, seek to evolve in this field. Learn more, look for more information, and try out new things that can open new horizons.



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