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Legal Abortion with Insurance for All

I thought a lot if I would write this text or not.

Abortion is always a controversial subject, but more and more we can face it openly and talk openly about this subject that is taboo for most, even by those feminists, open women, tantric women and so on.
Worst of all in the case of abortion is to be tried, condemned, humiliated … not to mention the health issue, which urgently needs to be accessible to all! Safe and legal abortion for all!

This question concerns you.

Because you think that you take good care of yourself, that you will never go through such a situation, you think that this issue does not concern you. By your fear of positioning yourself, by your inability to look at the question about another prism, completely different from what we have constantly looked at, which is guilt and sin, you forget your sisters. Women like me and like you who sometimes have to choose.

The undesirable

Let me tell you that I know many cases of people born of punctured condoms, forgotten pills, even IUDs that did not work. My husband is the product of a punctured condom, my daughter from the failure of a morning-after pill …
There are cases where we hold the bar and everything works out. I can not imagine my life without my husband and my daughter.
But there are cases that are very wrong, that the citizen is forced to be born, because abortion in Brazil, for example, is illegal and this unwanted child becomes the undesirable.
Abortion is legalized
Living in Portugal this year I could feel what it is like to live in a country where abortion is legalized. What treatment a woman receives, free of charge, when she wants to stop a pregnancy. I’ve seen waiting in the answering room as are the women who are going through the same situation. They have no face, they are executives, girls, mothers … They are women.

I was thinking of writing a text to end the stereotype of the woman who has an abortion. It is as if only a woman could be aborted without God in her heart, a woman without affection, inhuman. An irresponsible woman. What a lie! And we know because we have always met someone who has been through the situation or ourselves. We are not robots, failures happen in the relations between men and women, but who carries the weight in the body is us, only we are judged.

Divine blessing

Because I do not like the idea of ​​taking synthetic hormones, I can not imagine a strange object with copper inside my uterus and my husband refuses to do the vasectomy. We use natural methods like the Billings method. But something happened and I got pregnant and still breastfeeding. I could see it as a sign, a divine blessing. But it was being my worst nightmare. I got weak, depressed, my milk dried up, my 2 year old baby got harder than ever. I decided to see as a divine blessing to be in Portugal, where abortion is legalized and free and have discovered this pregnancy when the procedure was still in time.

As Pope Francis said, “It is better to be an atheist than to go to church and hate others.” I will paraphrase saying that: It is better to have an abortion than to have a child and not to love or care for it or not to give her a decent life. And there are even worse cases like rapes, for example, and the woman can not even decide what to do! This is absurd. Now whatever the case, the woman has to be able to decide on her own body.

Belief about life

What made me decide even for writing this text was my indignation with one person. A therapist “friend” who judges herself in a heightened awareness and who feels the will to “therapeutize” people who have never asked for it. Let me explain. Each of us has a belief about life, about soul, incarnation. One woman may feel no guilt or remorse at abort, while another will need psychological support. When someone speaks openly about abortion, about having aborted, usually that person is well resolved with that. She is not asking for absolution, help or anything of the kind.

I already had doubts about how true abortion was, whether it should be legal or not. Today I am sure that whoever gives value to things is us. Who means an experience as good or bad, it’s us.
Remember the scene from the movie Avatar, from Neytiri starting Jake? After Jake hunt and kill in a way
clean and quick, respecting that being, looking him in the eye like an experienced hunter Na’vi, she says: You are ready.
Do you understand? The question here is how things are done.

Problem x Solution

Abortion is not contraceptive method, no one makes abortion super happy liking what is doing or for hobbie,
but when a woman is in a position where she is needed, she has to do it with dignity, with respect. You have to feel the support of your partner, your parents. You can not feel judged, humiliated. She is being strong, enduring the pain so that harmony can be maintained. It is a conscious choice, a sacrifice.
Deal with the fact that we are in the 21st century and that abortion is a guideline.

Veiled truth

There are strong women who overcome difficulties, whether it be having children, which is not easy (I have 2),
be aborting, which is not easy either, but most of the time sensible. Now there are women who simply
do not risk, who spend their lives trying to maintain a pose of dignified or therapists or evolved,
of managers and thus, do not live. Women who have experienced very little, who hardly hear, but love to talk. They love to figure out how the other should feel, live, eat. Exposing all this is not easy, but I feel it is necessary for women to open up and reveal to the world this
veiled truth, so that all may have the right to choose without being judged.
There is life after abortion
I am grateful to be out of a black hole, for being happy again with my family. And I can say that there is
life after abortion, there is a relationship after abortion when there is love. Happiness is just a matter of being, but it is much easier.
when you have a free medical support. Legal and safe abortion for all already!

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