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Why take an online tantra course?

19/04/2020 - Categoria: » Tantric sex | 0 Comentários

Want to learn about tantra and don’t know if an online tantra course is right for you? We know that many have doubts about how it is the best way to learn tantra and that’s why we put this text together. After all, that the practice of tantric sex opens up a range of possibilities […]

5 myths about tantric sex: how tantra can change your sex life

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Like other oriental wisdoms, Tantra and tantric sex have several myths here in the West. In this text we will approach 5 super common. 1 Tantric sex is tiring As we are culturally encouraged to have fast sex, the idea of ​​tantric sex that the act should / can take hours scares at first. The […]

What is tantra?

12/10/2018 - Categoria: » Tantra | 0 Comentários

What is tantra? Tantra is a behavioral philosophy that has come to more than 5000 years. It flourished in a society where Pakistan and India are today. This philosophy explains how man relates to himself, to other human beings, to animals, and to nature. A relationship that is based on sensoriality (through the bodily senses). […]

Feel the Benefits of Active Meditation

29/04/2015 - Categoria: » Tantra | 0 Comentários

Meditating is more restful than sleeping. A person in a state of meditation consumes six times less oxygen than when sleeping. But the effects on the brain go further: people who meditate every day for more than ten years have a decrease in the production of adrenaline and cortisol, hormones associated with disorders such as […]

Tantric Moviment

24/04/2015 - Categoria: » Tantra | 0 Comentários

The Tantric Movement is a synthesis between movement and breathing, a journey of re-connection with the body, with the feelings that reside in it and a possibility of a renewal through acceptance and spontaneous movements. We will learn to risk, to leave the comfort zone, to throw ourselves into the experience and let it transform […]

Tantra no Programa Amor e Sexo

24/05/2014 - Categoria: » Tantra | 0 Comentários

From Mind to Heart

02/05/2014 - Categoria: » Tantra | 0 Comentários

People are usually very attached to their own minds, they even get confused with it. But the mind is just a tool. We are not the mind. It is important that we may have the ability to forget a little of it. Leave it a little aside. Not that it is not useful. She is. […]