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A Tantra Kabbalah Link

09/06/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships | 0 Comentários

Hinduism and Judaism share an overwhelming majority of principle in their Tantric and Kabbalistic systems. Contrary to popular belief, Hinduism and Judaism are both monotheistic religions, however differ in their worship toward deities. Judaism is a strictly monotheistic religion in terms of deity worship while Hindu tradition worships many deities. Tantra and Kabbalah, the mystical […]

Have you ever had sex thinking about the shopping list of the week?

01/06/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships | 0 Comentários

According to ancient eastern cultures, sex is the moment when you can draw the most light into the earth. We are not talking here about sex for procreation, which is also very important, but we are talking about sex for pleasure, for the union of the couple. Now, to receive all this light through sex, […]


12/04/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships | 0 Comentários

The people you relate to have been chosen to participate in your life because they have what is needed for your learning. To be able to see through them what is inside you, your characteristics and values ​​that come in the way you exchange with each other. What is resolved within you flows and is […]

The 5 male sexual myths

29/03/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships | 0 Comentários

  A few days ago we published an article on female sexual beliefs. Usually these beliefs are ideas we have about our sexuality, about what is normal, or what is not. As we are compared to the average people … Anyway. There are women’s beliefs that lead many women to feel guilty, frustrated, and even […]

5 sexual beliefs that may be boycotting you.

22/03/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships | 0 Comentários

Sexual beliefs are unconscious statements we make about sex to ourselves that direct our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. For example: the belief that a woman to be happy in bed needs to let go, express herself and get out of control, does with which she values ​​these characteristics, but it can also lead her to […]


21/03/2019 - Categoria: » Female world | 0 Comentários

Relationship begins as I relate to myself. How much I listen to myself, how much I trust myself, my intuitions, how much I reserve moments to be alone with me to learn to silence my noisy, critical and judgmental mind to listen to my heart, feel what my body is, what he is telling me […]

36 questions that will make you fall in love with anyone

10/03/2019 - Categoria: » Relationships | 0 Comentários

This questionnaire is part of a 1997 experiment on how to create intimacy. The study ended with the marriage of two of the participants. It returned to gain importance after an article published in ‘The New York Times’ Mandy Len Catron published on January 9 an article in The New York Times (which we translated […]